About Chikky

She is an energy worker and intuitive mentor. She offers a unique holistic approach to coaching by combining it with various energy modalities including Sound Healing, Water Therapy and Energy Massage. She is an Access Bars Facilitator (Access Consciousness), has trained under a 3rd generation Tibetan Singing bowl healer in Nepal and has done her training in Water Flow Therapy based on WATSU – Water Shiatsu therapy in Auroville.

In her journey to find her true authentic self despite personal struggles, Chikky found a coach, who helped her help herself and become the best version of herself. Her determination to shift her reality encouraged her to become a hypnotherapist and certified Master NLP Practitioner. She trained under the NLP co-founder Richard Bandler. Since 2012, she has been empowering her clients to reach newer heights within themselves and unlock their hidden potential.

With her innate compassion, keen listening and empathy, Chikky embarked on a journey into the world of alternative healing and natural therapies. She automatically drew people close to her and from then on there was no looking back.