“I met Chikky in 2015 when I had just moved to Dubai. I was going through a low patch but wasn’t able to figure out what it was that was triggering feelings of sadness, terrible mood swings, crying for no reason etc. This is when I started therapy sessions with her, I knew I needed help. I really liked her gentle approach while helping and guiding me specially when I was feeling so fragile. Her visualization exercises are amazing and I used them as much as I could while fighting breast cancer. We also did a few sessions of hypnotherapy and I must admit I became a ‘hypno junkie’ At the end of every session I walked out feeling like a new person, feeling stronger and also felt self love and self confidence coming back!! I recently tried one session of the Singing bowls therapy and absolutely loved it. Chikky is amazing at what she does and she’s helped me spread my wings!” – Sapna

“I experienced Watsu for the first time with Chikky as I was curious about it especially as I am a swimmer since a young age, and anything that involves water excites me. However, the experience was much more than what I imagined or expected – to have Chikky guide me with the flow, the movements, the harmony. I was resisting to let go in the begginning, and suddenly I felt as if I “surrendered” to that safe space that was created by the water and also by Chikky who made me feel cared for almost “mothered”. It was important to me to regain that “let go” feeling, and forget that attachment to wanting to control the direction of things and the outcome. Watsu with Chikky was a therapy to the body, as I felt extremely relaxed, but mainly a true reprogramming of the mind. I recommend it highly to everyone, and will definitely continue experiencing “flow” with Watsu and the amazingly caring coach Chikky– Hanane

“I had an experience today through an Access Bars session with Chikky. I came out feeling absolutely fabulous and refreshed. Can’t thank you enough for this awesome experience– Swati Singh